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Everything You Need to Know About Nugenix

Testosterone is an essential male hormone that plays a vital role in the sexual health. Those with low testosterone levels can suffer from erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, and low volume of semen. But its uses are not just limited to reproductive health.

Testosterone also plays a vital role in boosting self-esteem and certain behavioral traits, such as competitiveness, aggression and dominance. Thus, low testosterone levels can lead to loss of motivation and confidence. Apart from this, low levels of testosterone can also lead to sleep disturbances, loss of muscle mass and bone density.

But after the age of 30, its production naturally starts to decrease. In fact, 1 in 4 men above the age of 30 suffer from low testosterone levels. This deficiency can have serious effects on your body. But, don’t worry! There are male supplements that have proven to boost testosterone levels. One such supplement is Nugenix, which has received numerous positive customer reviews. Here’s what you should know about this supplement.


Some of the main ingredients of this supplement are:


Testofen is an extract of fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds have been used for thousands of years in alternative medicine for its numerous health benefits. One of its main benefits is boosting testosterone. In a study, 15 college going men were given 500mg of fenugreek each day. They also performed resistance training 4 times a week. It was found that after 8 weeks, the participants experienced an increase in the total and free testosterone levels. The study also found that the men experienced an increase in strength and greater fat loss.

L-Citrulline Malate

L-Citrulline Malate is an amino acid that occurs naturally in fruits such as watermelon. L-Citrulline Malate can help in opening up the veins and arteries, lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow. After L-Citrulline Malate is consumed, the body converts it into arginine, which is another amino acid. Arginine is further converted into nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation. This increased blood flow allows men to easily attain an erection and also maintain it for longer. The amino acid can also help in improving stamina and athletic performance.


Tribulus is a small leafy plant that has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine. One of the main benefits of this plant is that it increases libido and treats erectile dysfunction. Some studies have also indicated that the plant can help in increasing sexual desire.


Zinc plays a vital role in the development as well as functioning of the male reproductive organ. Zinc is vital for the production of testosterone, prolactin and the major component of the prostatic fluid. In certain cases, zinc has also been found useful in treating erectile dysfunction.

Apart from these, the supplement also contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Dosage and Side Effects

It is recommended to take 3 capsules of Nugenix each day on an empty stomach. Although the supplement is made with natural ingredients, side effects have been reported in rare cases.

How Does it Work?

All the components used in this supplement have been found to enhance sexual health. These are components that improve blood circulation in the penis and stamina.

Although this natural testosterone booster has received positive customer reviews, make sure to read more about it on reliable and objective review sites, like Top Male Enhancement, before you start using it.

14 thoughts on “Nugenix

  1. Nestor Cameron

    It’s a fantastic product for men. Nugenix was delivered on time and discretely. Must use for every man above 40yrs for long term effects. Herbal ingredients leading to no side effects. Best product for improving sexual performance. Tried and tested for 2 years now.

  2. Doyle Mcguffin

    Nugenix results are very good, I am very much satisfied with this top male enhancement pill. My girlfriend and I are happy since my erections are better now and my performance has improved. Thank you for the great quality product. Much needed!

  3. Raphael Marmol

    Using Nugenix since past 4 weeks and getting energetic and long lasting results. Happy to purchase this again. I’ve observed a spike in my testosterone levels, which has not only helped my sex life, but keeps me more motivated at work. I take it daily with meals.

  4. Vernon Poynter

    My testosterone levels were showing sign of reduction probably due to aging and a hectic work schedule. I took my doctor’s advice to try Nugenix. Its natural and has zero side effects. I recommend this quality product to every male who is in search of a good enhancement product.

  5. Jake MacDonald

    Nugenix capsules have the extracts of all minerals so that’s the reason it keeps me energetic. Flavor is also nice. I recommend this top male enhancement supplement to everyone as this also boosts testosterone level. Don’t go for energy drink before any sexual activity.

  6. Jonathan Kelly

    Nugenix is an excellent product that is helpful for physical wellness and control of stress levels. It improves strength and stamina of the body. It’s a top male enhancement supplement. Effective when taken regularly. Must try after consulting a doctor to avoid complications.

  7. Anthony Dickens

    I started taking Nugenix to experience better orgasms, but it has also improved my immune system due to its composition of all natural and healthy substances. I feel much less tired now and am able to do a daily workout. I highly recommend Nugenix to everyone.


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