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Improve Your Sexual Performance with Male Extra

When it comes to satisfying your partner, size matters! In a study conducted at the Australian National University, it was found that the sex appeal of a man is affected by their penis length. In the study, women were shown 3D generated images of different penises. And most women showed an interest in a larger penis size in under three seconds!

In another study conducted in the US, a panel of 75 women were shown 3D models of different penises. It was found that women showed a preference for a penis length of an average of 16.3 cm. With these studies, it is quite clear that if you have a larger penis, you will likely have a greater chance of satisfying your partner.

But everyone has a different size. And some have a smaller penis than others. But those with a smaller penis do not need to worry. There are supplements that claim to increase the size of your erect penis. And one such supplement is Male Extra. The supplement claims to increase the size, sustainability, and hardness of your erections with the help of natural ingredients. At Top Male Enhancement, we have brought you an informative and thorough review of Male Extra pills. So, you can make up your mind whether you should buy this supplement or not.


The main components of this natural male enhancement supplement are:

  • L-Arginine HCL 600mg

L-Arginine is one of the numerous amino acids needed by the body for proper functioning. Amino acids are compounds made of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. And there are about 20 amino acids used by the body.

But what makes this amino acid special is that it can improve your sexual performance as well. L-Arginine helps in increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide widens the blood vessels, hence improving circulation. With this improved circulation, blood flows freely through the arteries of the penis. And fills all three chambers of the male genitalia. It is also believed that L-Arginine can improve strength and stamina.

  • Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a type of parasitic fungi. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years for treating kidney stones, fatigue, and low sex drive. It is believed that the two main chemicals of cordyceps, deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid affect the area of the brain which controls sex drive. In a study, 64% of the men that took cordyceps noticed an improvement in their erection. Whereas, only 23.8% of the men that took a placebo noticed an improvement.

Cordyceps can also boost your strength and stamina. Thus, allowing you to perform for longer in the bedroom. The fungus is believed to enhance the production of the ATP molecules in the body. These molecules are vital for delivering energy to the muscles.

  • Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that plays numerous important roles in the body. Zinc helps in maintaining a healthy immune system, growth and development, protein synthesis, and improving memory. But one of its benefits that is often overlooked is that it can improve the sexual health of men.

Zinc is vital for the development as well as the correct functioning of the male reproductive organ. This essential mineral can improve the quantity of sperms and even enhance testosterone levels. In a study conducted in the Netherlands, supplements of folic acid and zinc sulphate were given to a group of men. It was found that many of the test subjects experienced a rise in sperm count.

  • Niacin

Niacin is a type of vitamin B which is found usually in fish, grains, and chicken. It has been found that niacin can be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction particularly among men with high levels of cholesterol, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

In the study, a group of 80 men with moderate to severe levels of erectile dysfunction and high levels of cholesterol were given niacin supplements. It was found that men who were given niacin experienced an improvement in their erection. On the other hand, those who were given a placebo did not. But before you decide to start binging on chicken breasts, you need to know one more thing. The recommended dosage to experience any effects is around 1000mg to 1500 mg. And that can only be achieved through supplements.

  • Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits you can get. This magical fruit can fight breast cancer, lower blood pressure, and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It has also been known to improve fertility and sexual performance. The fruit is full of antioxidants. These help in countering oxidative stress and aiding fertility. Oxidative stress is known to lead to sperm dysfunction. Oxidative stress can even reduce blood flow through the penis.

Apart from these, this top male enhancement also contains methyl sulfonyl methane and L-methionine.

How Does it Work?

Male Extra uses a number of natural ingredients which are known to improve sexual desire, testosterone levels, and help in achieving and maintaining sustained erections. The way it does this is by increasing nitric oxide in the blood stream. This improves the blood flow through your body. This leads to more blood and nutrients flowing through your penis, allowing you to have an erection.

It also has certain herbs and plants which improve your stamina and strength. This means that you would be able to perform for longer in bed.

Dosage & Side Effects

For optimal results, it is recommended to take three pills each day, along with a meal. You will experience the benefits for as long as you take the supplement. If you have any medical conditions or family history of ailments, you should consult a physician before taking the supplement. It is also best to avoid the supplement if you are below 18 years of age.

As for side effects, there are no known negative effects of this male enhancement supplement. And there are plenty of customer reviews that support this claim. But if you experience any ill effects, it is best to stop its use and consult your physician.

14 thoughts on “Male Extra

  1. Judson Valdez

    My friend bought 2 bottles of Male Extra as there was some promo. He offered me one for free! I just tried it for fun, but was amazed at the results. This stuff got me harder than a rock and my wife was so happy. We’re having a great sex life now. Will be buying more of this wonder pill.

  2. Maximo Hermsen

    You need to be patient when trying any top male enhancement pill. After 2 weeks of taking Male Extra, I started feeling some improvement in stamina. It was only after around 8 weeks that my length and girth also increased. My partner was most pleasantly surprised. Male Extra is the way to go! It has improved my performance with no side effects.

  3. Samual Royall

    Be prepared for a hard speed rush 45 mins after you take Male Extra. That will last 30 mins to an hour. This top male enhancement pill worked for real. Better than other products I have tried. Definitely worth every cent.

  4. Grady Olds

    I’m 32 years old with no medical issues. But my sex life was suffering due to lack of drive. Then I tried Male Extra. This male enhancement pill makes me energetic for hours. No side effects yet. Male Extra gives extra power boost and self confidence too. Highly recommended.

  5. Stewart Quinn

    I took Male Extra 3 times a day with meals on a regular basis. Love the results. My wife and I are now very happy with our sex life, as these pills have increased my libido and erection. Couldn’t have found out about this product if my doctor didn’t recommend it. So, my advice is: don’t be shy to consult your doctor.

  6. Paul Dowd

    My girlfriend got the reference of Male Extra from her friend, we tried it once for fun. We loved the experience. There were no side effects. I’m sure my girlfriend will make me take Male Extra many times, as she raved about her experience.

  7. Robert North

    Male Extra really works… and works very well. When it’s time to perform, my man (penis) is ready ALL NIGHT LONG. Greatly top male enhancement product. No side effects experienced yet. I recommend it to anyone wanting to please women through the night.


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