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Male Extra – Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Sexual satisfaction is vital for healthy relationships and life. But surprisingly, sex is not a pleasurable experience for many people. In fact, among millennials, just 38% of the men and 37% of the women are satisfied with their sex life. The numbers are even worse for boomers and Gen-X. Among Gen-X, 27% of the men and 31% of the women have satisfying sex life. For baby boomers, the numbers are the lowest at 21% and 22%.

One of the main reasons behind this is the inability to achieve and maintain erections. This could be because of reasons such as stress, low testosterone levels, antidepressant medication, drug abuse, and having a high BMI. In case you need some help with your ability to maintain erections, taking male enhancement supplements can be a good idea.

These are over the counter supplements made using natural ingredients to minimize side effects. Among these natural supplements, one of the best is Male Extra.

What is Male Extra?

It is a natural supplement which claims to provide harder and longer lasting erections. Its formula is created after 20 years of research and only used ingredients with proven medical benefits. Since 2009, more than 12 million pills of Male Extra have been sold to over 320,000 customers.


These natural male enhancement pills use a combination of ingredients to increase libido, provide greater control ever erections and enlargement of penis. These are:

L-Arginine HCL 600mg

It is an amino acid vital for the healthy functioning of the human body. Amino acids are compounds consisting of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. There are 20 different amino acids used for various body functions.

But L-Arginine is particularly important for the sexual well-being. This amino acid can improve the nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels. This improves the circulation of blood, enabling it to flow more freely in the penis. With this, the tissues of the penis get easily filled with blood, resulting in harder erections. The amino acid is also believed to boost stamina and strength.


Zinc is a vital dietary mineral. It ensures proper growth and development, sharp memory, protein synthesis in the body and a healthy immune system. Another important function of zinc is the ensuring proper development and functioning of male reproductive system.

Zinc deficiency can cause low testosterone levels as well as reduced sperm count and libido. In a study, young men were given diet with extremely low levels of zinc. This caused a zinc deficiency in them. After 20 weeks of this low zinc diet, testosterone levels were measured. There was an almost 75% drop in the testosterone level.


It is a kind of parasitic fungi which has a long history of use in traditional Chines medicine. In Male Extra, it is used for its libido and stamina boosting properties. The 2 main chemicals present in cordyceps are cordycepic acid deoxyadenosine. They are believed to impact the area of brain that controls libido. In a study, half the men were given cordyceps supplements and the other half placebo pills. Almost 64% of the men who took cordyceps supplements experienced better erections. Only 23.8% of the men who took placebo pills noticed any improvement.

Cordyceps can also enhance sexual performance by boosting stamina and strength. It is believed that it can increase ATP molecule synthesis in the body. ATP molecules are often known as the powerhouse of the cell and are responsible for delivery of energy to muscles.


Also known as nicotinic acid, it is a form of vitamin B3. It is an essential nutrient which is generally found in grains, fish and chicken. The nutrient has also been found helpful for men affected by erectile dysfunction.

In a study, 80 men with high cholesterol and moderate to severe levels of ED were supplemented with niacin. Those who were given niacin supplements experienced better erections. Those who took placebo pills didn’t have any significant improvements.


Pomegranate is filled with health benefits. It can lower blood pressure, fight breast cancer and reduce inflammation as well. Pomegranate can also boost sexual performance and fertility. This is because it is a great source of anti-oxidants. Oxidative stress can damage tissues and cells. It can cause sperm dysfunction and reduce flow of blood in the penis. Anti-oxidants help prevent it.

Apart from these, this natural Viagra alternative contains methyl sulfonyl methane and L-methionine.

How Male Extra Pill Works

Male extra improves sexual wellness in multiple ways. The most prominent of these is by increasing the blood flow in the penis. For the penis to be completely erect, it needs adequate amount of blood to flow through it. This male enhancement increases nitric oxide levels in the blood which dilates the arteries. This means all 3 chambers of the penis are filled quickly.

The supplement also reduced damage by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can also cause erectile dysfunction.

How to Use Male Extra?

It is recommended to take 3 capsules of this top male enhancement with a meal each day. It is a fast-acting supplement and can show results in just 30 days. Also, remember that supplements work best when you have a balanced diet. So, keep eating healthy and drink lots of water.

Is Male Extra Safe to Use?

Male Extra is made using natural ingredients. Plus, it follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and has underwent rigorous testing. Due to this, it is quite a safe product. But if you experience any side effects, it is best to stop usage. The supplement is not recommended if you are under 18 or are pregnant or lactating.

Benefits of the Product

Some of the main benefits of this product are:

  • Bigger and longer lasting erections.
  • Heightened sexual desire and libido.
  • Greater stamina and staying power.
  • Increased confidence.

Purchase Price

There are 4 buying options for this supplement. You can get the 1 bottle for $64.95. For 4 bottles and a free erection gel, you need to pay $179.95. Six bottles and 2 free erection gels would cost you $249.95. Lastly, 12 bottles and 4 free erections gels would cost you $395.95.

Money Back and Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within 100 days of purchase. This is longer than most other supplements offer.


Male Extra is one of the best male supplements. The male enhancement has positive reviews, uses proven ingredients and has a great return policy. But before buying, be sure to carefully go through the ingredients & dosage as well as benefits & side effects. Also, if you have any medical condition, consult your physician first.