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Everything you Need to Know About Erectzan

Did you know that 31% men suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction? With age, the testosterone levels fall, which can lead to a wide range of problems, such as difficulties in attaining and sustaining an erection, lack of stamina and low libido. These problems are even more common in the present day, given the high levels of stress most of us are usually under. Stress has also been found to cause a lack of sexual desire and even erectile dysfunction.

But there is no need to worry. There are plenty of natural supplements that have proven to help men achieve long lasting, bigger and harder erections. One such natural supplement is Erectzan. It boosts energy and vitality and delays ejaculation, ensuring better performance in bed. In fact, its manufacturer claims that it is the No #1 male enhancement supplement in the market.


The main components of the natural male enhancement pills are:


Niacin or vitamin B3 is a nutrient vital for the proper functioning of the body. Among its many benefits, vitamin B3 has been found to be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. This is especially true for those with high levels of cholesterol.


Zinc plays a vital role in the functioning of the male reproductive organ. Zinc is vital for the production of prolactin, testosterone and the major component of prostatic fluid. Zinc can also be useful in increasing sperm count. In some cases, zinc supplementation has been found helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps in building proteins. It also helps in the creation of nitric oxide in the body, which can be helpful in achieving and maintaining healthy erections. Nitric oxide helps in expanding the blood vessels, which allows oxygen rich blood to flow through the arteries of the penis. It has also found that L-Arginine can improve strength and stamina among men.

Maca Root Powder

The maca plant has a long history of being used in traditional medicine to boost fertility and sex drive. A 2010 clinical study found that within 6 weeks of taking maca root supplements, sex drive increases. It has also been found that maca root can improve the count, mobility and volume of sperms.

Apart from these, the top male enhancement supplement also contains a number of other natural ingredients, such as muirapuama, ginko biloba, tribulus terrestris, avena sativa, tongkat ali, conidium, Korean ginseng, oyster extract, Indian ginseng, cranberry extract, L-lysine, Swedish flower, L-carnitine, pine bark extract, zinc and Bioprene.

Dosage and Side Effects

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules each day, one in the morning and one before you sleep, preferably with food. Since the capsules are made of 100% natural ingredients, there are hardly any side effects. But the recommended dosage should not be exceeded.

Does it Work?

Most of the components of this natural male enhancement pill are known to improve sexual desire and achieve long lasting, bigger and harder erections.. It also has had plenty of positive customer reviews. But to know if it really works, read more about it on unbiased review sites like Top Male Enhancement.

14 thoughts on “Erectzan

  1. Robert R. Childers

    I’m 42 years old and had low erections. I didn’t have any other health issues and felt extremely worried about my drive. I tried a few home remedies, but nothing worked. I wanted a safe option and found Erectzan. This is a top male enhancement pill that has helped me get back to pleasing my wife. It is natural and effective.

  2. Jamaal Pierro

    I am in my 60s and I suffer from Pyrenees disease. I was going through a difficult time fulfilling my sexual desires, and was getting more frustrated. After taking Erectzan for a month, I feel more confident and satisfied. And, I stay happier now.

  3. Sherman Darr

    I was 30 and single. Although I’ve had relationships, they don’t seem to last. I guessed it was my inability to satisfy women. My pursuit for bigger and harder erections got me to Erectzan. This is very effective. It has improved the size and my sex drive.

  4. Roland Ebinger

    I used to be very sexually active but in the last few years I started feeling a loss of libido. I thought it was natural with age, but when I talked to my friends, I realized what I was missing. I wanted to get back to better erections and looked for top male enhancement pills. After consuming two pills of Erectzan per day with meals, I have seen a notable difference.

  5. Nathan Mackay

    I had many embarrassing incidences of premature ejaculation. This started affecting my confidence and even my work. I felt like a loser. I finally got the courage to talk to a friend and he recommended Erectzan. I tried these pills with skepticism, but they have totally cured the problem of premature ejaculation.

  6. Jonathan Dowd

    My wife and I had our second child. After her delivery I noticed a change in my sex drive. I would rarely get aroused and found it very difficult to hold it. I read about Erectzan and decided to try it. These pills have really worked. Within 2 weeks I felt a difference.

  7. Jason Jackson

    Erectzan is natural and I have experience zero side effects. It has improved my stamina and satisfaction. It has helped delay ejaculation, so that I can go on for much longer. I am grateful to have found this top male enhancement pill.


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